Districts 14 and 32 (Brooklyn)

14K120 – Magnet School of Architecture, Engineering, and Design (PreK-5)
14K157 – Magnet School of Civic Leadership in Health and Science (PreK-8)
14K196 – Magnet Schools of Communication and Media Arts (PreK-5)
14K582 – Magnet School of Multimedia, Technology and Urban Planning (6-8)
32K123 – Magnet School of STEAM (PreK-5)

Districts 21 and 22 (Brooklyn)

21K090 – Edna Cohen Magnet School of Environmental Science & Community Wellness (PreK-5)
21K121- Nelson A. Rockefeller Magnet School of Applied Life Sciences (PreK-8)
22K198 – Brooklyn Magnet School of Applied Learning in Arts and Engineering (PreK-5)
22K240 – Andries Hudde STEM Magnet School (6-8)
22K245 – Magnet School of Arts and Science (PreK-5)

Districts 8 and 11 (Bronx)

08X123 – The Bronx Urban STEAM Magnet School (6-8)
11X160 – The STEAM Magnet School (PreK-5)
11X178 – Magnet School of Multimedia Arts and Design (PreK-5)
11X567 – Global Leaders of Innovation and Discovery Magnet School (PreK-5)

District 6 (Manhattan)

06M098 – Magnet Academy of STEAM Studies (PreK-5)
06M115 – Magnet Academy of Art and Science Exploration (PreK-5)
06M152 – Magnet School of Innovation in a Global Community (PreK-5)
06M189 – Magnet School of Inquiry and Expression (PreK-5)

Districts 25 and 30 (Queens)

25Q200 – The Magnet School of Global Studies and Leadership (PreK-8)
25Q201 – Discovery School for Inquiry and Research: STEAM Magnet School (PreK-5)
30Q092 – Harry T. Stewart Sr. Magnet School of Engineering, Architecture, and Art (PreK-5)
30Q145 – Joseph Pulitzer Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning (6-8)

Districts 27 and 29 (Queens)

27Q062 – Chester Park Magnet School of Computer Science and Innovation (PreK-5)
27Q254 – Rosa Parks Magnet School of Leadership Development and the Arts (PreK-5)
27Q316 – Queens Explorers Magnet School of Global Conservation and Service Learning (PreK-3)
29Q052 – Magnet School of Innovation, Exploration, and Engineering (PreK-5)
29Q195 – William Haberle Magnet School of Multimedia, Arts and STEAM (PreK-5)

District 28 (Queens)

28Q055 – Maure Magnet School of Communication Arts, Technology, and Multimedia (PreK-5)
28Q140 – Edward K. Ellington Magnet School of Science, Technology, and the Arts (PreK-5)
28Q349 – Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation through STEAM (PreK-2 – PreK-5 by 2020)
28Q358 – Magnet School of STEAM Exploration and Experiential Learning (6-8)